Balance Work And Personal Life

If you want to be a successful professional – and that this does not influence your personal performance – today we give you essential tips so that you can achieve the balance you want and balance your life. Some professions will require more of your time than others, one of the most exciting but satisfying is ProDent is the Tijuana dentist, no matter what you work for, here are some helpful tips for you to learn how to balance.

Even if your work is part of your life and vice versa, you should get a balance so that none overcomes the other.

How to balance your personal and work life
Define very well what you are looking for
No one is better than you to know what you want to achieve and, then, decide how to carry it out and why. This will make you take your time because if you do not have your clear objectives, any change will be complicated, but you can face it and balance your personal and work life.

Evaluate the pros and cons
We know that nothing is perfect, that’s why you should be aware of what are the benefits or negative consequences that any election or action that you do brings you.

This applies to everything in life, and focusing on the activities – and people – of your routine, it is important to differentiate which ones should be replaced because they no longer provide you with good and which ones to maintain.

Disconnect yourself

Do not abuse technology. On your days of rest forget about emails, and do not allow work to consume your free time. Organize your day to take rest periods; otherwise, you will be involved in a 24/7 cycle, and that is not healthy.

Create a plan
The organization will be your best ally to carry out your projects, as well as for your development.

Thus, no facet of your life will be affected by another: your health, body, family, friends, recreation, finances, studies, couples, personal growth, among others.

An additional advantage? It will allow you to simplify your activities and thus have emotional tranquility.

¿Qué es una patente?

Una patente es un documento gubernamental que otorga al inventor un monopolio temporal sobre el uso de una determinada invención reivindicada. Una patente puede considerarse un acuerdo entre el inventor y el público. Si la invención es tanto “novedosa” como “no obvia”, entonces, a cambio de revelar completamente la invención, el gobierno le otorga un monopolio temporal al inventor. Las patentes pueden ser difíciles de obtener, pero pueden ofrecer una protección sólida para una invención si se redactan correctamente.

¿Por qué necesita un abogado de patentes?
La complejidad del sistema de patentes creado por los tribunales y oficinas de patentes en todo el mundo crea una situación en la que (habiendo visto muchas solicitudes de patente redactadas por inventores) encontramos que es esencial trabajar con un abogado o agente de registro de patentes en Tijuana Mexico. Simplemente, hay demasiado en juego.

Tres clases de patentes
Hay tres tipos de patentes: las patentes de utilidad protegen las invenciones útiles, las patentes de diseño protegen el diseño ornamental de un artículo de fabricación y las patentes de plantas protegen las plantas reproducidas asexualmente.

Hay dos tipos de aplicaciones disponibles inicialmente para patentes de utilidad:

Una solicitud de patente “no provisional” es una solicitud formal con reclamos y una descripción examinada por un examinador de patentes que puede madurar en una patente emitida.
Una solicitud de patente “provisional” es un documento de divulgación que no es examinado por un examinador y sirve como un marcador de posición de un año para establecer una fecha de presentación. No puede emitir como patente, pero puede ser una forma rentable de mantener un lugar en la cola durante un año mientras se prueba el mercado o se involucra en un desarrollo posterior antes de decidir si se presenta una solicitud no provisional.
Cada tipo de patente y cada tipo de aplicación puede ser un activo poderoso cuando se adquiere estratégicamente y se usa adecuadamente.

Si usted tiene un negocio establecido con amplia experiencia en patentes, una startup con exposición moderada a patentes o un inventor independiente con una sola idea para una invención, podemos ayudarlo.

Things You Must Know Before Asking For A Raise

First of all, do not try to ask for a raise if haven’t done anything for you company, they only going to fire you. Be sure to work hard every day and try to make a big deal or a big sale or fix a problem in your company, once your boss notice you then make, it’s a good time to ask for a pay raise.
Do not forget to go prepared, your office’s boss it’s a minefield one false step and you are dead man, so you better think what you going to say, like why you deserve a raise, also want to mention a recent development in your responsibilities at work, some extra tasks you’ve taken on, how you have been breaking your back for your company, new strategies you’ve adopted, projects you’ve spearheaded, and any plans you have to further increase your department’s success. And the most important: the way you talk and your posture must be confident and convincing.
Dress to succeed, do I have to explain that? Even if your office everyone dress casual or even loose you should look better, more professional, dress to make notice, even more when it comes time for your meeting, you should look like you are going to be the next boss. Invest time in the morning to put on a tie, iron your blouse, or pull your dress shoes out of the closet. People give raises to very clean workers, and mostly the ones with beautiful smiles, so go with a dentist in Tijuana if you have ugly teeth, they make miracles and you will look like a whole new person (the one who deserve a raise).
Make sure to do it in an appropriately time your request accordingly. Maybe your company does performance reviews every six months, some do it every year, so stay calm and wait for it. You can ask to older co-workes (but do not be too obvious) or consult with your human resources department to know better the company you work with.
Don’t ask via email, I don’t even have to say it, do not be a coward! Yes you can schedule a meeting via email but you must have your conversation about getting a raise in person. It’s the best way to show that you’re professional.
Be smart; do not ask him when you know he is stressed or overworked, you must wait when you see that your employer is in a good mood to increase the chances to obtain a yes.
And please do not use information about your colleague’s salaries as a reason why you should get a raise, it is so much better to focus on your own individual experience and accomplishments and why you should get a raise in regards to your own merits.
Remember that your manager, unless you’re at a small company, may not have the authority to give you a pay raise even if he or she wants to, so be patient, you will not have an immediate answer because it will probably need to be discussed with Human Resources or other company managers.
But if your request is turned down, don’t feel like you are a good for nothing and you are going to be in the same work area for the rest of your life, sometimes the company is passing for a moment of crisis and have a low budget, so you can wait for it to happened or start looking for better companies to work.

Tips on selling insurance policies to customers

To sell insurance policies is quite different from many other forms of sale. In selling an insurance policy, there would be no concrete substance to present to the customer. Only abstract things would be presented and this could be boring.

Some tips that would bring about better ways to sell an insurance policy include.

Be conversant with events

You should be a bit trendy in selling an insurance policy to your customer. Look into the market and see what’s currently existing, you can improve your business with Sentry IMS software. Also, know what people currently want and need. Know what suits your customers and perform a psychological examination on the customers you’d present to.

Furnishing your argument with experiences and stories

Tell a sincere story as regards your policy. Is what you are selling really worth it? Tell this with experiences from people and with supporting evidences.

A former client’s narrations about his/her experience with your policy will ring a lasting bell in your customers’ minds. Your customers would also be able to visualize your policy and, thus, convert the abstract concept to a concrete one in his/her mind.

Understand your customers

An important concept is the understanding of who you want to sell an insurance policy to. What are his beliefs? Know this and try to base your argument on this discovery.

Your customer might, perhaps, have had an experience which is antithetical to all your claims. So, do not waste your time in proving what’s not.

Embrace the “first impression last” theory

Try to prepare well and do not misrepresent yourself. Sometimes, it is just one chance you have with your customers; so, do not throw the chance into the bin. When you make a good first impression, then your customers is prone to listen to you at other times and even recommend more customers.

The bottom-line

The fact remains that you should be sure, confident, and well informed about the insurance policies you are selling. Is that policy really worth it? Is it really right? All these are what you should answer and find out about before hitting the outside. It is impossible for you to be ill-conceived about something and try to prove it right to another person.

Real State Seller

The experienced real estate agent prefers to specialize in the sale of a type of property or a geographical area because he knows that it is the fastest way to earn high commissions. His knowledge and experience help him to sell quickly. The good sellers of Baja Rosarito Realty will not only want to convince you that they are the best in real estate, but they are also the best in advising you when you move, and you are new in the city.

As you dominate the territory or the situation, you can get better customers faster and know what benefits are most interesting to these potential customers. Your action protocol, that is, how you plan your sale, is more substantial and realistic. Even you know you want the customers before you have the property for sale.

To sell an office, you can not follow the same procedure as selling a residential property. Although the bases of sale are similar: prepare a dossier, develop the argument, know the characteristics and benefits of the property, write the advertising, show a property; Sales techniques have to adapt to the type of potential client. That’s why it’s more comfortable, more convenient and more profitable to specialize as a real estate seller and not try to sell any property.

The Real Estate Seller that Sells Everything.
One of the reasons why real estate agencies do not become profitable businesses is because they do not specialize themselves or because they do not have a real estate agent or several specialized in a particular area.

There are many sellers of real estate and brokers that are successful because they have chosen to choose a market niche little exploited or poorly attended. The most representative example is to specialize in the sale of industrial buildings. Another significant example is that of specializing in the sale of luxury properties. If a real estate seller thinks he can sell a $ 2.2 million villa without first having specialized, he will be unpleasantly surprised when he starts dealing with potential clients.

I always recommend real estate agencies to specialize their commercials in certain types of real estate, in some geographical regions or specific categories. In certain geographic areas? Yes, selling a vacation apartment in Cancun is not the same as selling it in Acapulco. Sell it on the Valencian coast to sell it on the coast of Alicante.

What can you specialize in as a real estate salesman? Everything depends on the geographical area where you move since you must concentrate on any opportunity that the demand market offers you. Let’s give some examples

Why Special Event Managers Should Embrace Video Mapping

The competition for creating a special event main show that stands out and remains a memorable experience in the minds of spectators for years to come is fierce. Multimedia technologies for staged events continues to evolve, and brand managers are scrambling to locate the best stage lighting design company that offers video mapping to enhance the communication from brand to consumer. If you are in charge of managing special events and branded shows for your organization, you will certainly want to get familiar with video mapping, its related services, and learn how to find the best company to help you turn your creative dream into reality.

What is Video Mapping?

Also known as video projection mapping and projection mapping, video mapping is a technology that transforms shapes that are often irregular in form into surfaces for video projection display. These objects can be simple oblong-shaped pieces added to a stage set design, or be complex larger items like an industrial landscape or entire stages. Video projection mapping companies use specialized software to turn a two or three-dimensional object into a spatially mapped fixture that mimics real-life environments. Video mapping is usually combined with other technologies and audio to garner a rich audio-video narrative. When special events for branded product releases use this technology and others to enhance it, they enhance the ability for the audience and the product to become one in the same experience.

Video Projection Mapping Projects You Likely Know

While the term “projection mapping” is fairly new, its techniques were being used as early as the late 60s. One of the first ever public displays of 3d projection mapping occured in 1969 when the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California opened the Haunted Mansion ride. Here, spectators rode in slow-moving cars along a conveyor belt where they could see statue busts come to life and sing spooky songs. Disney partnered with a team of projection mapping experts where head shots were taken of singers using 16mm film that was later scaled and projected onto the featureless statue busts. Arguably, the next projection mapping project to go on record happened in 1980 when installation artist Michael Naimark filmed individuals in groups interacting with living room objects only to project it into the room to give the illusion that those people were actually there.

Special event managers should consider all the ways video mapping technology from a stage design company can enhance their main event and stir excitement in their industry. Often, challenges for showing how products can be used is limited when indoor staged events are executed. However, video projection mapping can bring the desired weather indoors, add hundreds of people to a stage, cause things to elevate and move through space, and even take concrete objects and break them apart using augmented reality to enhance the audience’s understanding of the product on display. This is why virtual reality, immersive experience technologies, installations and experimental multimedia technologies can all play a significant role into enhancing a special event’s video projection feature.

Contact a known interactive media production company with a vast portfolio in designing special events that used video mapping as a key technology feature, and your event will live in the minds of thousands forever.

Comenza Un Negocio De Alimentos A Domicilio

Si ha recibido innumerables elogios en sus cupcakes o se encuentra con solicitudes de sus amigos para ser su chef personal para ocasiones especiales, un negocio de alimentos en el hogar podría ser una excelente manera de ganar dinero extra mientras hace algo que le gusta. La manera mas rapida y efectiva de asegurar la buena realización de tu importación es con una agencia de importaciones en Tijuana.

Pero aunque hornear pasteles o embotellar su salsa de barbacoa casera puede parecer más divertido que trabajar, un negocio de alimentos en el hogar sigue siendo un negocio. Al igual que con cualquier negocio, debe planificar e investigar antes de recoger su batidora o diseñar etiquetas para su aderezo para ensaladas.
Aquí hay 10 cosas que debe saber antes de abrir un negocio de alimentos en el hogar:

1. Aprenda las regulaciones y requisitos para su estado y condado.
Su primer paso es determinar las reglas para un negocio de alimentos en el hogar en su área. Algunos estados, como California, tienen una ley que permite a las empresas de alimentos domiciliarios cumplir con ciertos criterios para eludir la certificación como cocina comercial.

2. Tiene que haber un mercado para que su negocio tenga éxito.
Podrías tener los mejores cupcakes del planeta o el toque seco más sabroso que jamás se haya inventado, pero si no hay un mercado para tu producto, entonces no podrás obtener ingresos por tu producto. Hacer focus groups, hacer pequeños lotes con envases económicos y vender sus productos en algunas tiendas minoristas antes de invertir por completo en el negocio.

3. Usted debe conducir su negocio como una entidad legal.
Dado que las empresas de alimentos en el hogar a menudo se construyen a partir de un hobby, muchos empresarios en la industria cometen el error de continuar administrando sus negocios de manera casual. “La entidad legal, si se administra adecuadamente, mantendrá los pasivos de la compañía separados de los activos de los propietarios individuales”. También recomienda llevar seguro, mantener las cuentas comerciales separadas de las cuentas personales y registrar todos los productos como marcas comerciales en el nombre de la compañía.

4. Contratar profesionales cuando sea necesario.
Si bien es posible que hayas diseñado un sitio web para la asociación de propietarios o hayas tomado una clase en la universidad sobre contabilidad, considera cuidadosamente contratar profesionales para tareas que están fuera de tu ámbito de experiencia. Aunque podría hacer estas tareas, su tiempo a menudo puede ser mejor utilizado para hacer crecer el negocio, y el resultado suele ser de mayor calidad al incorporar profesionales.

5. Pon todo por escrito.
Para protegerse y proteger a su empresa en el futuro, debe poner por escrito todas las relaciones y las disposiciones de trabajo por contrato. Esto también es especialmente cierto si amigos y familiares han ayudado con la inversión de capital para despegar su negocio.

6. Tener una imagen profesional recorre un largo camino.
Incluso si hornea sus productos usando su pijama mientras sus hijos hacen los deberes en la habitación contigua, quiere lucir como una compañía establecida y pulida. Tómese el tiempo para tener un sitio web de aspecto profesional, folletos y tarjetas de visita. Asegúrese de que todo el embalaje de su producto refleje la imagen de su empresa y sea profesional.

Wait and Comfort can Work Together

In the dental work in Mexico there are always work , so the waiting rooms should always be comfortable so that it is not hard to wait for them to attend them. Here are some tips on how to have a waiting room so that your extra clients do not despair.


1.- Relaxing music


As in many of the cases it is not managed an exact time of how long the clients will be waiting to be attended, one of the tools to make the wait less tedious is to musicalize the environment. The study conducted by the British firm ICM, you have shown that the choice of music waiting is crucial in the decisions of customers. However, they advise leaving aside the typical music waiting for the lifts or telephone lines and instead have music known to please the public.


2.- Offers snacks or something to drink

If your intention is to really make a good impression, you should make the customer feel comfortable even when you wait. Make sure that a worker receives them when they enter and offers a snack or a cup of tea or coffee.

Other options that can help in this regard, is to locate a vending machine for healthy snacks near your waiting room, you can have them, cereal bars, some nuts and cold drinks.


3.- Color for decoration

While the choice of colors should be based on the style of your decoration, you should avoid as much as possible using colors that generate stress or anxiety.

Classic white: The use of whites within the waiting room can make a difference in your clients, the clarity it provides boosts objectivity and intellectual work, as well as providing a sense of spaciousness to any room.

Blue: Ideal for waiting rooms, because they have to reduce stress levels and also transmits professionalism. If you do not consider it for use in a complete wall, try a column or dare to include a recessed backlit aquarium, which will greatly reduce the tension inside the room.

Green: Consider which of your tones you will use, it tends to boost creativity and concentration. It can also be applied in the inclusion of ornamental plants that will make this space more natural.

4.- Wi-fi


Undoubtedly, the connection to the Internet through Wi-fi, is one of the most used resources to make waiting, although many people avoid accessing public networks for fear of hackers, you can offer to secure Internet connection that everyone will appreciate. For this, place a small notice in a visible place, with the password or indicating that you must request it from the staff.


5.- Sources of entertainment


Mobile devices: Give this space with mobile devices, which allow your customers to save battery, in addition to using tablets or ipads in the waiting room of your office, they will not have to worry about their privacy. Be sure to institutionalize these devices and you can even add a bit of advertising.


3 Big Tips on How to Find a Certified Spanish Translation Company

Partnering with a top quality certified Spanish translation company is crucial for your development in foreign markets. In order to perfectly translate discourses while integrating necessary accoutrements to target countries, an expert certified Spanish translator is required backed by a strategic team to deliver a solid international strategy. To avoid the “lackluster” translation agencies, here are 3 tips to help you identify the top players in the professional translation industry.

The Best Professional Translation Companies Focus on Objective and Culture

Mastering a target language is never enough, nor is the account manager’s origin of birth even if it’s the same as your target country. Professional Spanish translation companies focus on the objective and the target culture while fully understanding the semantics of source text.

The best certified Spanish translation company equipped to help you achieve your goals will branch out in a wide domain of industries that include legal, educational, medical, technical, financial, marketing, energy and more. It goes without saying that flawless grammar, spelling and syntax are parts of any good Spanish translation service, but the source language and cultural target must be beautifully integrated. This is where objective criteria comes to play; punctuation, grammar, spelling and syntax must be perfect while following the rhythm and intent anointed to the source language.

Source text semantics are vital; no omissions, misinterpretations or additions can be added that conflict with the original ideas in the chosen order. To stay true to the targeted culture, the adapted source text to the target language must be completely understood.

Choosing the Best Spanish Translation Company Hinges on Experience

Of course any criteria for finding a stellar service provider will tack experience at the top of requirements. Start by checking the translation company’s website and comb through their social networks. Look to see how diverse they are, not only in providing Spanish translation through multiple industries, but in other languages too. Check to see how many years the translation agency has been in business, and see if their are any client testimonials on their website or in their social media accounts.

How experienced is the team that would be managing your project? Identifying and checking the top objective competencies of the translation team is crucial. What is their education level and how does their degree play into their role as professional Spanish translators? Do they have one or more specialized domains such as legal or medical? How many years have they been with the Spanish translation company, and how long have they been certified? These are some important questions to ask in order to gauge true experience.

Spanish Translation Prices Need to be Fair

Completing your translation project within budget is important. However, don’t ever use low-price as top criteria. If the Spanish translation company has particularly low cost then it is safe to bet they have low salaries for their translators, and low salaries bean they picked up “bottom of the barrel” talent in their staffing efforts. Low cost also could mean their translators aren’t certified or qualified, hence why they accepted low salaries.

If the price seems competitive or even a tad high, ask if project managers are assigned to ensure top quality and timelines are honored. Quality control is huge, and in order to have the best services it is imperative to have the best Spanish translation team, and they aren’t cheap.

Do Your Research to Find the Best Spanish Translation Agency

When vetting various certified translation companies, don’t be timid when it comes to asking these probing questions. Do your own research, create a promising shortlist, and interview each agency to find that perfect fit.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Printing Companies for Product Packaging

Finding the best commercial printing companies for product packaging can be extremely daunting if you don’t know what to look for. There are more than 30,000 commercial printing companies in America in an oversaturated market that makes the creation of your short list a very challenging task. Here’s the real snare: only a small handful of these printing companies are actually worth your time and money. When you contact commercial printing companies for product packaging there are a number of things to keep in mind when deciding the top contenders. These three tips will help you in the vetting process.

Demand the Highest Quality Printing for Product Packaging

Never judge a printing company’s website as a reflection of their printing quality. A chic website doesn’t necessarily means they put out stunning print quality. Make sure the commercial printing company has the best industry equipment. Many companies will make this claim but you should investigate to find out. Once you confirm they are using the best printing equipment, investigate to see what it is they actually produce. You can also ask for sampling and comps to gauge quality. Ask to also see some finished printing jobs they did for an order type that best matches your own needs.

Ask the product packaging print company what it is they do best; what their strong suit is and what they are doing better than their competitors. If your project requirements are specific and on the unique side, ask the company if they have printed for another client in your field who has similar requests.

Structural Engineering for Product Packaging

Often when companies need a printer for product packaging, they also need the container or display. Finding a commercial printing company that also offers structural engineering for packaging is ideal, especially if your product has an abnormal shape, size and requires shelf visibility. Make sure the company has an in-house tea of packaging structural engineers, as this will save you time and money. You will also want to make sure the products can be completed in a matter of days, as some companies prolong the process taking weeks. You should also make sure the work is done in CAD so that mockups form their own cutting tables can be executed in little time. Ask if they provide conceptualized layouts and hand sketches to inspire packaging options and design ideas.

Look for In-House Product Photography

Having high-quality product photography as an option with an in-house team is crucial. Today’s high-quality, engaging product printing designs use photography as a way to make a lasting impression with sharp imagery as potential customers browse the shelfs. Avoid working with commercial printing companies that snap a few shots of a product on a table and run them through Photoshop before calling it a day. This approach always comes back to bite printing companies because often these products fail to sell well, and they get the axe. The best commercial printing companies have skilled in-house product photographers with the best industry lighting and camera equipment to produce high-quality images that resonate with consumers.

Consejos para escoger las mejores formas de pago online

Aunque existen miles de formas de pago online, se puede decir que dependiendo de las necesidades que tengan tanto las tiendas virtuales como los clientes, es que se puede encontrar la mejor forma de pago. Pues la mayoría no solo ofrecen buenos servicios, sino que también ofrecen garantías y servicios especiales que pueden ser más favorecedores para una tienda que para otra.

Ventajas y desventajas de las formas de pago

Transferencia bancaria

Es verdad que con la tecnología actual, para una parte de la población joven, resulta un poco incómodo utilizar la transferencia bancaria. Sin embargo, hay que tomar en cuenta que hay clientes que no están acostumbrados a usar métodos de pago como PayPal, por lo que les resulta mejor y más fácil la transferencia bancaria. Lo bueno de este método de pago es que se asegura a esa parte de la población y además no genera ningún gasto para los comerciantes, lo malo es que cada vez se usa menos.


Éste es el método de pago por excelencia cuando se trata de comprar online, casi todas las tiendas virtuales a nivel mundial cuentan con esta alternativa como una opción más de pago. Algunas de las ventajas de este método es que acepta la mayoría de las tarjetas de débito y crédito de México, se pueden enviar solicitudes de pago por medio del correo electrónico, cuenta con protección contra fraudes y se recibe el mismo día el dinero. Las desventajas principales es que cobra una comisión al momento de retirar el dinero, además de que aunque es muy conocida hay quienes no la usan.


Es uno de los métodos de más crecimiento en México. Permite que tus clientes puedan pagarte con total seguridad a través de una plataforma en la que tu negocio es quien emite comprobantes y facturas. Además es de las opciones que cobran comisiones bajas y ofrece disponibilidad del dinero a través de SPEI. Además tus clientes no requieren estar afiliados a Openpay para hacer depósitos o transferencias, tanto en bancos como en negocios de conveniencia, autoservicios y farmacias.


Tal vez esta sea la mejor opción si lo que se busca es hacer crecer una tienda online, únicamente en México o Latinoamérica y no necesariamente en el resto del mundo. Pues es más utilizado que otro tipo de servicios. Algunos de los beneficios más importantes son los pagos, que pueden ser en mensualidades de hasta 18 meses, se pueden hacer los pagos en tienda como Oxxo y acepta varios tipos de tarjetas de débito. Como desventaja se tiene que los pagos pueden tardar dependiendo del lugar donde el cliente lo haya realizado. También para algunos comerciantes puede resultar una desventaja pagar la comisión.


Las principales ventajas de este servicio es que ofrece una terminal virtual que sirve para poder cobrar, acepta tarjetas como American Express, cuenta con meses sin intereses y por medio del correo puede enviar a los clientes comunicados de pago. La desventaja que tiene es que se suelen utilizar otro tipo de formas de pago para realizar las transacciones en el extranjero, por eso si se quiere expandir un negocio fuera de México es recomendable buscar otra alternativa.


Éste es uno de los servicios de pago más usados en el mundo. Ofrece terminal virtual para procesar los pagos, recibir pagos de tarjetas de crédito y maneja de manera segura y privada la información de los clientes. La desventaja principal es que aunque también es conocido, es un método de pago que no se suele elegir.
En conclusión, la mayoría de los métodos de pagos que hay online son buenos, únicamente hay que saberlos elegir o combinar como alternativas dentro de la tienda online para poder expandir más un negocio.

How do you work marketing to grow sports?

It does not be necessary to be a genius to know that for a long time, marketing and sports go hand in hand in their search to expand markets and we are not only talking about commercials during the super bowl or any other important game of another sport. Sports marketing has a lot to do and what to say now and in the future.

As in all businesses you always have to keep looking for ways to improve the processes as many of the Tijuana denstists directory have done and in the sports sector it is not the exception, for example, the business and marketing school that has one of its Many centers in Madrid have been working on this line for some time. In their academic program of Sport Bussiness, they have not been able to look to the side to see the great noise that this new industry is making, especially among the younger audience.

“At ESIC we have been promoting marketing and sports for many years, developing business lines and doing outreach work,” explains Antonio Lacasa, Director of Programs and Projects at the School’s Marketing and Sports Center. A field in which, from now on, eSports will have a voice and, increasingly, more votes.

Round table of the eSports day at ESIC Bussiness & Marketing School in Madrid
Be a reference for pro players
At present, there are many unknowns that exist in the environment of electronic sports. The need for their activity to be regulated means that professionals in the sector have organizations to turn to for their projects to grow.

In that sense, ESIC is already working to be a point of reference. “With these initiatives, we seek on the one hand that the professional players find in us a point of support and, on the other hand, build trust in the brands so that they can bet with total security through the eSports. Sponsorship has a lot to say in sports. You only have to see the large investments made in traditional sports. We hope so in the electronic “.

When will the brands receive the return on their investments?
As several studies reveal, eSports are capable of generating 700 million euros in the world. Profits that, according to forecasts, will multiply in the coming years. Faced with such promising predictions, ensuring investors the economic return on their investment is essential.

On paper, we talk about the return of investments in electronic sports projects will begin to be seen in the short-medium term. However, Antonio Lacasa leaves open the door to have surprises in a period not so long of time. “A few years ago we hardly knew anything about eSports and now we are talking about annual growth of 38%. With this, what we think may be in the medium term, may well happen the day after tomorrow. “

Everything You Need To Know About The Bonus

Have you ever wondered how much I got from Bonus? or How much will they give me as a bonus?
It is normal that as Christmas approaches and we begin to see colored lights everywhere, we want to be part of the festivities. Sometimes exchanges of gifts are organized in jobs and in the family, our son or daughter lets us know the toys that he likes and that the television is in charge of bombarding them with advertising. And there are still more. Maybe you want to use the money from your Christmas bonus for something you really need like a motorcycle or dental implants in Tijuana Mexico.
Before such events we realize that the money begins to be scarce in our pockets, the fortnight is insufficient and we see ourselves in the need to pressure our bosses to give us the much longed for bonuses. That benefit that by law belongs to all workers or almost all.
There are many companies that do tricks to not give this benefit that by law corresponds to us. But let’s analyze a little more this extra little money that will come to our pockets in 2017.
The Federal Labor Law, in its article 87, says:
“The workers will be entitled to an annual bonus that must be paid before the twentieth day of December, equivalent to fifteen days of salary, at least.
Those who have not completed the year of services, regardless of whether they are working or not on the date of liquidation of the bonus, will be entitled to be paid the proportional part thereof, according to the time they have worked, whatever this may be. . ”
This means that if you started working as of April, the proportional part of April corresponds to the bonus date.
Who does not receive bonus in 2017?
There are several reasons why you may not receive a bonus, one of which is that you work under the Salary Asymmetric Salary scheme or you earn your salary through a fee receipt. In general, those who are not subject to the minimum benefits of the law, that is, those who are not workers, do not receive a bonus, since if you give fees receipts, in reality you do not have a pattern figure, but you sell your services.
Do the days of Maternity and disability count for the bonus?
Of course! Because at work, we do not get sick or injure ourselves with the intention of missing, and in the case of motherhood, the days are perfectly valid for the bonus. The only reason why days do not count is because of unexcused absences or general illnesses.

The Mexican Business Women

Mexico is made of warriors, women who fight for a better future, for equality and financial freedom, for this as part of the 1st Expo Forum for the REAL WOMAN, which will take place next Tuesday, March 25, will be held commercial forum in which there was a promotion of 50 small and micro businesses that offer products and services, a network of social networks among women, the businesses in which women are in process are varied, from the fashion industry, food, technology, even beauty services such as the famous tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico.
According to the coordinator of the event, Patricia San Román, the objective of the commercial meeting is to support entrepreneurs, many of them mothers, in order to strengthen their economy and recognize their capacity and their efforts.
In the same sense, explained that the Expo Forum intends to give women tools to improve their quality of life, both in the family and in other sectors, at no cost to those attending the event that will take place at the Center Tijuana Cultural (CECUT).
It should be noted that it was held within the framework of Women’s Day, which was commemorated on March 8, and that will have 19 sessions with top-level examples from the region.
The topics that will be addressed from Gastronomy, Communication, Social Networks, Health, Mother’s Cancer Prevention, Volunteering, to Make-up, Digital Marketing and Fashion.
Some of the previous characters collaborate with the magazine Real Woman that through the commemorative event of their first anniversary, which according to their representatives seeks to leave a mark in the city, through the presence of many women to share tools for a better society.
It is expected that at least three thousand people attend throughout the day, since the event will start at 8:00 am and will end at 8:00 pm.

Pasos implicados en los negocios de franquicias

¿El negocio tuyo se está desarrollando bien y estás obteniendo excelentes ganancias? ¿Has sido feliz con eso? No creo que respondas favorablemente a este tema en particular, ya que como hombre de negocios nunca te sientes satisfecho e intentas mirar hacia adelante para hacer algo que no sea de su incumbencia. Y esto no es como este deseo particular meramente ayuda a crecer en compañía. Debe enfocarse rutinariamente en el mercado que es nuevo para impulsar las ventas de los suyos, ya que es una necesidad.

Si intenta elevar la ubicación operativa de su negocio, considere buscar una franquicia de Mi Franquicia Mx.
Las franquicias son una actividad agradable para hacer crecer su propio negocio y llevarlo al siguiente paso centrándose en una industria totalmente nueva. Pero definitivamente se requiere hacer todo de una manera adecuada, así como la orientación, y esto mismo es cierto para la empresa de franquicias. Tienes que hacerlo bien para sacar lo mejor de eso.
Permíteme compartir muy pocas cosas que son realmente esenciales para que la franquicia tuya siga el camino correcto y puedes tomar sugerencias de ella y manipularla de la manera tuya.

La marca es y lo importante que es para los negocios. Aquí mismo, antes de abrir una nueva franquicia del negocio tuyo, tienes que promocionarlo y marcarlo para que las personas se den cuenta de que les estás dando la bienvenida por comprar la franquicia de ti, y que hoy se está haciendo una buena compañía.

Un buen sistema telefónico para hacer cosas definitivamente es necesario. También en el negocio de la franquicia, debe crear un buen programa que el nuevo franquiciado pueda seguir, así como obtener asistencia. Requieren educación y ayuda de usted para asegurarse de que puedan conocer su negocio y seguir las instrucciones de ustedes y hacerlo bien. Son individuos listos para tener su propio negocio, pero en realidad carecen de ideas o tal vez de un plan de negocios. Les estás ofreciendo esta oportunidad específica. Ellos te seguirán e intentarán aplicar el mismo proceso en el personal de los suyos.

El acuerdo de franquicia también juega un papel realmente crucial en esta empresa en particular. Debe firmar un acuerdo legítimo con la nueva franquicia que va a mencionar sus derechos y deberes en esta compañía en particular. Es crucial reconocer el entendimiento de que va a tener la nueva franquicia, los costos que cobrará, el porcentaje de los cargos o los ingresos que se le otorgarán para conservar el servicio, el suministro, el soporte, etc.

Debe hacer una preparación adecuada justo antes de franquiciar el negocio suyo para asegurarse de que puede hacerlo muy bien como lo hace en su empresa.

Three Reasons Why Small Business people Do not Trust SEO

Though digital advertising and SEO have transformed the landscape of the net, companies that are small have discovered it hard to adjust to it. So what could the trouble be?

They consider SEO as well as site as bogus

If perhaps you tell a non tech guy you are able to generate cash online, they’ll most likely laugh at you. Why? Since they feel the thought about generating income on the internet is all scam. This particular logic implies to every small business people. The mystical phrase of SEO gets over the mind of theirs as they do not have some fundamental information about it. They imagine it’ll be added in up to the tally of theirs of extra expenditures.

Lack of time as well as cash

Let us be real. businesses that are Small do not have time or even cash to commit. The tale of investing one season of the time of theirs scares numerous owners. They do not have the time period to handle the SEO promotions of theirs. As SEO is a lot more than simply being updated with skilled mechanism as well as the algorithm, lots of business people feel reluctant to actually provide it with a shot.

Got screwed previously

In case an individual is deceived earlier, he/she is going to feel reluctant to make the very same thing another go. This’s what goes on the majority of the times to business people. Several spammy outsourcing agencies offer affordable SEO services which toss unoccupied hands. They guarantee you the moon but ends up with only dust. Not enough results is but one main reason why business people do not believe in SEOs.

For that reason, reputable SEO agencies, like KatRank in Tijuana Mexico, tend to concentrate on the satisfaction of its clients and to earn their trust.

Tips To Succeed In Your Job Interview

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old or if you have experience or you have none experience in job interviews, there is always things you can improve to be the best of the best in your next job interview. Here we give you basic tips that you could be forgetting and can help you to get that job you want, or at least feel satisfied with your presentation in the interview
1. Get ready
Being well prepared will make you feel more secure and relaxed, look for information, find out about the company you are going to, the preparation is one of the essential keys to succeed in an interview, find out everything you can about the company and your interviewer.
2. Be punctual
You can even arrive about ten or fifteen minutes before, in many places it is difficult to find parking and they ask you to register before, so leave with time. It will make a bad impression if you arrive late.
3. Be yourself
Be natural, a good presentation is vital, watch your clothes and hair, you can also go with your dentist in Tijuana to improve your smile and give a very good first impression but the most important is to try to relax before the interview you can do a few deep breathes and go with a positive mood.
4. it’s not what you say, but how you say it
Listen well to each question, that the nerves do not betray you so that you do not answer too quickly without thinking well the answer, just a little percent of the communication consists of the words you use, but is in how you say it, the tone, the speed of the speech and volume and the non-verbal, facial expression, your body language and gestures are the really important in a interview.
5. Do not be scare to ask all the questions you have
You should not leave without asking before what will be the next steps to follow after the interview, that is clear to you what your role in the company will be, ask all your concerns.
Hopefully these advices will help you reach what you want.

Empieza Con Éxito Tu Salon De Belleza

Un salón de belleza, su propio spa, suena como el sueño de una niña. Pero es realmente más que esto. El campo de la belleza es uno de los negocios más a prueba de recesiones. Mientras que otros empresarios pueden experimentar una disminución en la demanda, los salones de belleza rara vez tienen una falta de clientes, incluso en los tiempos financieros más difíciles. Los principales consumidores de servicios de salón son mujeres. Los costos de la prestación de servicios son relativamente bajos, pero no solo se trata de belleza, sino también de mimarse, relajarse y sentirse bien consigo mismo.
Teniendo en cuenta todos estos factores, un salón de belleza resulta ser una puesta en marcha muy solicitada para su lanzamiento. ¿Qué debería pensar antes de comenzar este negocio? Aquí están los esenciales

La mitad del éxito de un salón de belleza se basa en una buena ubicación. Los mejores lugares disfrutan del alto tráfico. Las opciones más evidentes son las calles comerciales, los centros comerciales y los centros comerciales. Las ubicaciones cerca de las tiendas de abarrotes y de la parte alta con grandes viviendas pueden ser más baratas y también pueden ser lugares donde se genere dinero para un salón de belleza. Evite ubicarse justo al lado de otro salón. Se regatearán mutuamente.
Por lo general, los salones operan en una planta baja. Esto es razonable ya que la empresa requiere tomacorrientes eléctricos adecuados y plomería adicional.
Tener en cuenta las horas de operación es importante. La gran mayoría de los clientes acuden temprano en la mañana o después de un día laboral (después de las 5 p.m.) los fines de semana y días festivos. Debe ajustar su tiempo para que pueda maximizar su clientela. Por ejemplo, en los centros de negocios, los salones pueden abrir a las 7 a.m. y cerrar a las 10 p.m., mientras que de 10 a.m. a 7 p.m., parece un momento razonable en las viviendas. A veces, los salones que trabajan las 24 horas cobran un cargo extra por los servicios prestados durante la noche y, sin embargo, siempre tienen clientes.

Los muebles son una parte muy importante para que un salon de belleza se vea cómodo y moderno, por eso siempre tienes que estar segura de adquirir los mejore muebles para salon de belleza en tijuana. Es importante entre la decoración tener grandes espejos y muy buena iluminación.

Mejor que un guardaespaldas

Puede que nos encontremos en una crisis económica, pero la cantidad de millonarios y multimillonarios es increíble, nunca antes en la historia ha habido tanta gente rica y no les importa pagar mucho dinero para resguardar su seguridad con la ayuda de un personal de alta calidad.

Los extremadamente adinerados necesitan una protección bien entrenada. No importa si no son un nombre familiar o una cara reconocible para la persona promedio en la calle. Uno puede convertirse en objeto de secuestro, robo o asalto simplemente por mantener ciertos puntos de vista políticos. Los ejecutivos de negocios con vínculos con temas ambientales están tomando precauciones y, por supuesto, con actos de terrorismo aleatorios en todo el mundo, nuestros principales líderes políticos, así como otros impulsores políticos deben estar preocupados.

La percepción es que tener un guardaespaldas será intrascendente o de alguna manera perjudicial para el estilo de vida del protegido. La verdad es que hay varias formas diferentes en que una persona que es vulnerable al ataque (debido a su riqueza, afiliación política o popularidad) puede administrar protección personal y seguridad. El punto es que si alguien está en una posición vulnerable, ¿por qué no se protegerían a sí mismos? Es una inversión que vale la pena.

Los días de hombres colosales con trajes negros y gafas de sol van por el camino del dinosaurio. La tendencia es para los guardias calificados, con licencia de armas de fuego, excepcionalmente tácticos, con habilidades de comunicación muy superiores a la media. Lo que es más importante, saben cómo mantenerse a distancia y son capaces de “mezclarse” con la multitud, para no atraer una atención indebida hacia ellos mismos y sus clientes. Un guardaespaldas no tiene que estar permanentemente pegado al costado del cliente.

Y si el servicio de guardaespaldas no es lo tuyo y quieres algo más económico a la larga, una buena opción son los vidrios blindados en Tijuana México. Muchas veces la mayoría del tiempo la pasamos en nuestro coches, y si ocurre un atentado, ahi es a donde vamos a querer refugiarnos.

¿Qué es la venta social?

En pocas palabras, la venta social es cuando los vendedores utilizan las redes sociales para interactuar directamente con su público objetivo. Los posibles vendedores sociales pueden ser considerados como líderes de opinión por posibles clientes, ya que proporcionan valor a través de conocimientos de la industria, compartiendo experiencia y ofreciendo soluciones a preguntas comunes de los consumidores a través de la creación o el intercambio de contenido perspicaz. En última instancia, el objetivo de esta táctica es generar confianza con un cliente hasta que esté listo para invertir en un servicio o producto.

La idea contemporánea de la venta social se remonta a alrededor de 2005, cuando la Universidad de British Columbia llevó a cabo un estudio y descubrió que cuando hay similitudes incidentales entre un comprador y un vendedor, es más probable que se realice una compra. El pionero del marketing digital Nigel Edelshain, fundador de la frase Sales 2.0 puso esta ciencia en práctica al utilizar los principios de la venta social para enfocar sus técnicas en ganar prospectos apareciendo ante ellos, en lugar de intentar cerrar una venta una vez en la sala, a través de un lanzamiento o en una reunión.

En el mundo digital conectado de hoy en día, las personas tienen más voz que nunca, y los clientes pueden descubrir casi todo lo que desean sobre un producto o servicio entre sí, con unos pocos clics del mouse. Investigaciones recientes de Price Waterhouse Cooper descubrieron que el 78% de los consumidores se vieron influenciados por las redes sociales de alguna manera al comprar, mientras que casi la mitad dijo que las revisiones, comentarios y comentarios en las redes sociales influyeron en su comportamiento de compra. Sin embargo, no todo es siempre positivo. Según comenta Roberto Robles, experto en temas de marketing digital, es importante tener presente que “esta confianza y confianza en las redes digitales hace que sea fácil descubrir información negativa sobre una empresa en la web; pero, también existe un enorme potencial para influir en la decisión de compra de un consumidor de manera positiva a través de la venta social”.

¿Por qué es tan importante la venta social?

Los consumidores de hoy en día son conocedores y menos susceptibles a las técnicas de venta tradicionales. Con el 90% de los responsables de tomar decisiones que nunca responden a una llamada en frío, ya no es lo suficientemente bueno como para adoptar una mentalidad de talla única para el plan de ventas en línea de su organización. Es esencial adaptar los esfuerzos de su equipo de ventas a la persona. Esencialmente, una gran parte de la venta social es pensar en las cosas desde la perspectiva del cliente y abordarlas con una introducción cálida, en lugar de un discurso frío e impersonal, y es una habilidad esencial y valiosa.

Cuando se trata de vender, lo más importante que sobresale en Internet es desarrollar relaciones. Junto con la construcción de relaciones, ofrece la oportunidad de establecer la confianza con clientes existentes y potenciales y, en última instancia, impulsar las ventas. El éxito de la táctica ha sido reportado por influencers como Forbes, con el 78% de los vendedores que utilizan plataformas sociales que superan a sus medios no sociales usando pares y el 23% que exceden sus cuotas.

El futuro de la venta digital

Si bien la venta social ha ganado impulso entre los profesionales de ventas, la venta digital todavía está en pañales y ofrece enormes oportunidades para las organizaciones que desean sobresalir en línea. Con la venta social centrada en los activos sociales, la venta digital implica el aprovechamiento de los activos digitales. Estos incluyen actividades como automatización de ventas, CRM, presentaciones en línea, documentación digital, etc. Al crear una estructura organizativa alrededor del contenido y un entorno para medir su consumo, el interés del comprador y la intención de compra pueden evaluarse e influenciarse para convertir las ventas.

En resumen, la venta digital es un componente importante del proceso de ventas, mientras que el uso de las redes sociales proporciona un margen para aumentar los ingresos. Si su empresa no quiere quedarse atrás, capacitar a su personal para comprender y aprovechar el poder de las tecnologías digitales generará pistas al permitirles expandirse a los consumidores en estas plataformas (aparentemente interminables), al tiempo que les da la autonomía. ser lo más creativo posible con las nuevas herramientas que se les han dado.

¿Qué es un sindicato?

Un sindicato es una organización formada para proteger los derechos e intereses de los miembros que representa (empleados en una industria en particular). Hay sindicato de todo, pero los más destacados y para que se dé un ejemplo de los que es, aquí unos ejemplos:

sindicato de gasolineros

sindicato de maestros

Sindicato de taxistas.

Un sindicato puede:


Ser una importante fuente de información para los empleados

Proporcionar a los empleados protección en asuntos de empleo

Negocie con el empleador para obtener mejores salarios y condiciones.

Un sindicato debe tener una licencia de negociación para negociar los salarios de los empleados y otras condiciones de empleo.

Los empleados tienen un derecho establecido en la Constitución para unirse a un sindicato. Usted tiene derecho a unirse a la unión de su elección y el derecho a abandonar una unión. No puede ser despedido de su trabajo porque es miembro de un sindicato.

No existe ninguna obligación legal para que un empleador negocie con un sindicato en nombre de un empleado, a menos que se haya acordado previamente. Esto no evita que una disputa sobre el reconocimiento sindical sea una disputa legal.


Los empleadores son responsables de garantizar que todos sus empleados reciban ciertos derechos legales básicos de empleo. Estos derechos se rigen por una legislación laboral detallada. Estos derechos legales de empleo son los derechos mínimos, los lugares de trabajo pueden acordar condiciones por encima de estos derechos básicos. Los sindicatos trabajan para proteger estos derechos y pueden negociar mejores condiciones de empleo. Pueden usar la negociación colectiva para hacer esto.

Cómo aplicar

Si desea unirse a un sindicato, debe verificar si ya hay un representante sindical en su lugar de trabajo. Ellos podrán ayudarlo a unirse y actuar como primer contacto para asuntos relacionados con el sindicato. Pueden ser más de una unión en su lugar de trabajo.