3 Big Tips on How to Find a Certified Spanish Translation Company

Partnering with a top quality certified Spanish translation company is crucial for your development in foreign markets. In order to perfectly translate discourses while integrating necessary accoutrements to target countries, an expert certified Spanish translator is required backed by a strategic team to deliver a solid international strategy. To avoid the “lackluster” translation agencies, here are 3 tips to help you identify the top players in the professional translation industry.

The Best Professional Translation Companies Focus on Objective and Culture

Mastering a target language is never enough, nor is the account manager’s origin of birth even if it’s the same as your target country. Professional Spanish translation companies focus on the objective and the target culture while fully understanding the semantics of source text.

The best certified Spanish translation company equipped to help you achieve your goals will branch out in a wide domain of industries that include legal, educational, medical, technical, financial, marketing, energy and more. It goes without saying that flawless grammar, spelling and syntax are parts of any good Spanish translation service, but the source language and cultural target must be beautifully integrated. This is where objective criteria comes to play; punctuation, grammar, spelling and syntax must be perfect while following the rhythm and intent anointed to the source language.

Source text semantics are vital; no omissions, misinterpretations or additions can be added that conflict with the original ideas in the chosen order. To stay true to the targeted culture, the adapted source text to the target language must be completely understood.

Choosing the Best Spanish Translation Company Hinges on Experience

Of course any criteria for finding a stellar service provider will tack experience at the top of requirements. Start by checking the translation company’s website and comb through their social networks. Look to see how diverse they are, not only in providing Spanish translation through multiple industries, but in other languages too. Check to see how many years the translation agency has been in business, and see if their are any client testimonials on their website or in their social media accounts.

How experienced is the team that would be managing your project? Identifying and checking the top objective competencies of the translation team is crucial. What is their education level and how does their degree play into their role as professional Spanish translators? Do they have one or more specialized domains such as legal or medical? How many years have they been with the Spanish translation company, and how long have they been certified? These are some important questions to ask in order to gauge true experience.

Spanish Translation Prices Need to be Fair

Completing your translation project within budget is important. However, don’t ever use low-price as top criteria. If the Spanish translation company has particularly low cost then it is safe to bet they have low salaries for their translators, and low salaries bean they picked up “bottom of the barrel” talent in their staffing efforts. Low cost also could mean their translators aren’t certified or qualified, hence why they accepted low salaries.

If the price seems competitive or even a tad high, ask if project managers are assigned to ensure top quality and timelines are honored. Quality control is huge, and in order to have the best services it is imperative to have the best Spanish translation team, and they aren’t cheap.

Do Your Research to Find the Best Spanish Translation Agency

When vetting various certified translation companies, don’t be timid when it comes to asking these probing questions. Do your own research, create a promising shortlist, and interview each agency to find that perfect fit.