Everything You Need To Know About The Bonus

Have you ever wondered how much I got from Bonus? or How much will they give me as a bonus?
It is normal that as Christmas approaches and we begin to see colored lights everywhere, we want to be part of the festivities. Sometimes exchanges of gifts are organized in jobs and in the family, our son or daughter lets us know the toys that he likes and that the television is in charge of bombarding them with advertising. And there are still more. Maybe you want to use the money from your Christmas bonus for something you really need like a motorcycle or dental implants in Tijuana Mexico.
Before such events we realize that the money begins to be scarce in our pockets, the fortnight is insufficient and we see ourselves in the need to pressure our bosses to give us the much longed for bonuses. That benefit that by law belongs to all workers or almost all.
There are many companies that do tricks to not give this benefit that by law corresponds to us. But let’s analyze a little more this extra little money that will come to our pockets in 2017.
The Federal Labor Law, in its article 87, says:
“The workers will be entitled to an annual bonus that must be paid before the twentieth day of December, equivalent to fifteen days of salary, at least.
Those who have not completed the year of services, regardless of whether they are working or not on the date of liquidation of the bonus, will be entitled to be paid the proportional part thereof, according to the time they have worked, whatever this may be. . ”
This means that if you started working as of April, the proportional part of April corresponds to the bonus date.
Who does not receive bonus in 2017?
There are several reasons why you may not receive a bonus, one of which is that you work under the Salary Asymmetric Salary scheme or you earn your salary through a fee receipt. In general, those who are not subject to the minimum benefits of the law, that is, those who are not workers, do not receive a bonus, since if you give fees receipts, in reality you do not have a pattern figure, but you sell your services.
Do the days of Maternity and disability count for the bonus?
Of course! Because at work, we do not get sick or injure ourselves with the intention of missing, and in the case of motherhood, the days are perfectly valid for the bonus. The only reason why days do not count is because of unexcused absences or general illnesses.