How do you work marketing to grow sports?

It does not be necessary to be a genius to know that for a long time, marketing and sports go hand in hand in their search to expand markets and we are not only talking about commercials during the super bowl or any other important game of another sport. Sports marketing has a lot to do and what to say now and in the future.

As in all businesses you always have to keep looking for ways to improve the processes as many of the Tijuana denstists directory have done and in the sports sector it is not the exception, for example, the business and marketing school that has one of its Many centers in Madrid have been working on this line for some time. In their academic program of Sport Bussiness, they have not been able to look to the side to see the great noise that this new industry is making, especially among the younger audience.

“At ESIC we have been promoting marketing and sports for many years, developing business lines and doing outreach work,” explains Antonio Lacasa, Director of Programs and Projects at the School’s Marketing and Sports Center. A field in which, from now on, eSports will have a voice and, increasingly, more votes.

Round table of the eSports day at ESIC Bussiness & Marketing School in Madrid
Be a reference for pro players
At present, there are many unknowns that exist in the environment of electronic sports. The need for their activity to be regulated means that professionals in the sector have organizations to turn to for their projects to grow.

In that sense, ESIC is already working to be a point of reference. “With these initiatives, we seek on the one hand that the professional players find in us a point of support and, on the other hand, build trust in the brands so that they can bet with total security through the eSports. Sponsorship has a lot to say in sports. You only have to see the large investments made in traditional sports. We hope so in the electronic “.

When will the brands receive the return on their investments?
As several studies reveal, eSports are capable of generating 700 million euros in the world. Profits that, according to forecasts, will multiply in the coming years. Faced with such promising predictions, ensuring investors the economic return on their investment is essential.

On paper, we talk about the return of investments in electronic sports projects will begin to be seen in the short-medium term. However, Antonio Lacasa leaves open the door to have surprises in a period not so long of time. “A few years ago we hardly knew anything about eSports and now we are talking about annual growth of 38%. With this, what we think may be in the medium term, may well happen the day after tomorrow. “