How Interactive Media Empowers Main Event Specials

Whether you are a brand manager, main event coordinator, or a tour manager for a band, you should learn about how interactive media can empower a main event special, in any industry. The main goal is to thrill your audience and get them invested in your message. Whether you are trying to get a crowd jumping out of their seats at a rock concert, or inspire thousands of people invested in the idea of buying your brand’s newest product release, partnering with an interactive media company that specializes in main event specials can help mend your audience to the staged presentation and achieve your goals.

Interactive Media Awakens the Audience’s Imagination

Multiple studies reveal that when an audience is fully invested in into a staged performance, their imaginations are peaking. Therefore it makes sense to find innovative ways to stimulate a crowd’s imagination. Interactive media is an ideal way to awaken the imagination because it has multiple solutions for bridging an artificial world with the real one to offer fresh perspectives, and and create new and original experiences for spectators.

For example, interactive media can combine technologies like 3D mapping, virtual reality, experimental media, installations and other components that work together to create custom experiences and convey the right messaging through a stylized manner designed to resonate with target spectators.

Interactive Media Enables Experiences

Ever go to a product launch where you are blown away by the item being unveiled, but frustrated that you can’t interact with it first-hand? Interactive media helps to provide these types of experiences by letting spectators experience the thrill of the product’s features or the lifestyle its associated with.

For example, the interactive media company Sila Sveta worked to provide creative displays and consumer experiences for the second international Audi Brand Summit in which the Audi Q8 was unveiled. The interactive media company constructed a diverse setup using multimedia software to reveal products using multi-layered LED scenes build on the lakeshore complete with mobile LED screens, custom lighting setup, and multimedia content designed to be synchronized with live dancers doing a performance. This was a perfect example showing brands how product launches are done the right way while capturing the consumer imagination and creating unforgettable experiences, where a new world is born that’s part reality, and part artifice.

Sourcing the Best Multimedia Artists for Your Special Event

The best interactive media companies are staffed with creative artists–the best in the industry. Be sure to be patient during the vetting process. Make sure you reach out to industry leaders, go through their portfolio, and give them a call to get s sense for their ability to use creativity and interactive media to bring your main event special to life.