Keys to an efficient, productive and collaborative office

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A space focused on relaxation is essential: These areas contribute to the welfare of employees, to retain talent and to take care of their comfort, in addition to disconnecting technology and avoiding musculoskeletal pain. It is important that the area has natural light, ergonomic furniture and elements that encourage “active rest”. You can also evaluate options such as piped music, massage sofas, free yoga classes or places to nap.
Provide quiet spaces for private work: The office can not be a totally open space, because if there is a lot of hustle it will be complex to focus on a specific task or have a private meeting. It is recommended that although the general work or that of certain departments be developed in open, there are individual booths or desks limited by structures that guarantee greater security.
Invest in specialized technology: Depending on the sector of the company or startup will have to undertake changes such as new equipment, faster Wi-Fi or new tablets with touch screen, smart boards, projectors and monitors, etc … The fundamental thing is to conduct surveys and listen the demands of workers regarding their needs.
Natural light, always: A design with large windows generates multiple benefits for workers, positively affecting the quality of sleep, appetite and digestion, the immune system, energy or mental health as it increases serotonin levels . According to a study by Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University, access to natural light increases alertness. In fact, workers in offices with smart glass decreased sleepiness by 56%.
Meeting rooms designed for collaboration: If it is a large company, better that are specific to each department. For example, within the new Vans office in Southern California, the product and design teams have their own rooms, which play a role in the team’s collaboration process. “The memory of all that cycle of product development is in that space,” says David Galullo, founder of Rapt Studio, which designed the office.
Art to stimulate creativity: It is important to add personality to your workspace to inspire and motivate employees. “It has been proven that working in a space surrounded by works of art leads to an increase in creativity,” says Jenna Berman, marketing and communications specialist at Nations Photo Lab. On the other hand, corporate elements present and a design and color are recommended that reflects the company’s core values, as well as visual reminders that help employees develop a sense of purpose.
Good acoustics, temperature and air quality: An office dedicated to productivity must provide the team with the perfect working atmosphere. It is important that the temperature is adequate, regulating it through the heating and air conditioning systems and that there is sufficient sound insulation, without echoes. Acoustic screens, ambient music and elements can be added to break the monotony of large spaces.