Survive a hostile work

In any company you can find hostile, unfriendly, negative or bad-tempered people, says the expert. First you have to feel comfortable with yourself with a breast implants Tijuana and then you are available to take with your coworkers.

1- If the behavior of your colleague interferes with your work you must find the way to solve the problem. If it does not interfere there are two options, either ignore the situation or learn to live with it.

2 – Give your colleague the opportunity to know how they bother certain attitudes of him. The person can ignore the discomfort that causes him, but always this will do in private.

3- Days ago a telemarketer complained that when his companion had no calls he sang, thus annoying the others. This behavior of the employee, in turn, prevented on the one hand a good listening and on the other the necessary concentration. He spoke with him and understood the situation.

4- Do not try to begin to solve the problem with your manager: he will take the solved problems and surely will not be willing to solve the labor inmates.

5- Whenever you are facing a difficult situation in your relationship with your colleagues, the best recipe is to count to 10 before reacting. You need to stay calm and think about the best way to approach your partner. Ask for help if you do not find the best way: a friend, a partner or another supervisor can give you some suggestions to overcome the embarrassing situation.

6- You have to take the minimum time to think about why you are working in that place: for the money, for personal growth or for the schedule. From then on, there is nothing better than to reflect: we must not lose sight of the objective for which one develops its task, and in the best possible way.

7- Never refer to the other person with an accusatory tone; It is not easy when when one is angry. In those moments it is preferable not to take action. Maybe you can do it a while later, although without losing the firmness of your proposal, but that message, be at the same time affable.

8- Do not mutter with your colleagues about another, since the tendency is to focus only on the negative aspects of the other person.

9- The idea is not to “win”, but to solve the problem; it is not generally “earned”; the conflict is resolved.

10- If after trying it you can not change anything, talk about it with your manager and explain the situation as objectively as possible. Do not try to convince your supervisor how bad the other person is. Ask for help or suggestions to solve what worries you.