The Mexican Business Women

Mexico is made of warriors, women who fight for a better future, for equality and financial freedom, for this as part of the 1st Expo Forum for the REAL WOMAN, which will take place next Tuesday, March 25, will be held commercial forum in which there was a promotion of 50 small and micro businesses that offer products and services, a network of social networks among women, the businesses in which women are in process are varied, from the fashion industry, food, technology, even beauty services such as the famous tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico.
According to the coordinator of the event, Patricia San Román, the objective of the commercial meeting is to support entrepreneurs, many of them mothers, in order to strengthen their economy and recognize their capacity and their efforts.
In the same sense, explained that the Expo Forum intends to give women tools to improve their quality of life, both in the family and in other sectors, at no cost to those attending the event that will take place at the Center Tijuana Cultural (CECUT).
It should be noted that it was held within the framework of Women’s Day, which was commemorated on March 8, and that will have 19 sessions with top-level examples from the region.
The topics that will be addressed from Gastronomy, Communication, Social Networks, Health, Mother’s Cancer Prevention, Volunteering, to Make-up, Digital Marketing and Fashion.
Some of the previous characters collaborate with the magazine Real Woman that through the commemorative event of their first anniversary, which according to their representatives seeks to leave a mark in the city, through the presence of many women to share tools for a better society.
It is expected that at least three thousand people attend throughout the day, since the event will start at 8:00 am and will end at 8:00 pm.