Things You Must Know Before Asking For A Raise

First of all, do not try to ask for a raise if haven’t done anything for you company, they only going to fire you. Be sure to work hard every day and try to make a big deal or a big sale or fix a problem in your company, once your boss notice you then make, it’s a good time to ask for a pay raise.
Do not forget to go prepared, your office’s boss it’s a minefield one false step and you are dead man, so you better think what you going to say, like why you deserve a raise, also want to mention a recent development in your responsibilities at work, some extra tasks you’ve taken on, how you have been breaking your back for your company, new strategies you’ve adopted, projects you’ve spearheaded, and any plans you have to further increase your department’s success. And the most important: the way you talk and your posture must be confident and convincing.
Dress to succeed, do I have to explain that? Even if your office everyone dress casual or even loose you should look better, more professional, dress to make notice, even more when it comes time for your meeting, you should look like you are going to be the next boss. Invest time in the morning to put on a tie, iron your blouse, or pull your dress shoes out of the closet. People give raises to very clean workers, and mostly the ones with beautiful smiles, so go with a dentist in Tijuana if you have ugly teeth, they make miracles and you will look like a whole new person (the one who deserve a raise).
Make sure to do it in an appropriately time your request accordingly. Maybe your company does performance reviews every six months, some do it every year, so stay calm and wait for it. You can ask to older co-workes (but do not be too obvious) or consult with your human resources department to know better the company you work with.
Don’t ask via email, I don’t even have to say it, do not be a coward! Yes you can schedule a meeting via email but you must have your conversation about getting a raise in person. It’s the best way to show that you’re professional.
Be smart; do not ask him when you know he is stressed or overworked, you must wait when you see that your employer is in a good mood to increase the chances to obtain a yes.
And please do not use information about your colleague’s salaries as a reason why you should get a raise, it is so much better to focus on your own individual experience and accomplishments and why you should get a raise in regards to your own merits.
Remember that your manager, unless you’re at a small company, may not have the authority to give you a pay raise even if he or she wants to, so be patient, you will not have an immediate answer because it will probably need to be discussed with Human Resources or other company managers.
But if your request is turned down, don’t feel like you are a good for nothing and you are going to be in the same work area for the rest of your life, sometimes the company is passing for a moment of crisis and have a low budget, so you can wait for it to happened or start looking for better companies to work.