Wait and Comfort can Work Together

In the dental work in Mexico there are always work , so the waiting rooms should always be comfortable so that it is not hard to wait for them to attend them. Here are some tips on how to have a waiting room so that your extra clients do not despair.


1.- Relaxing music


As in many of the cases it is not managed an exact time of how long the clients will be waiting to be attended, one of the tools to make the wait less tedious is to musicalize the environment. The study conducted by the British firm ICM, you have shown that the choice of music waiting is crucial in the decisions of customers. However, they advise leaving aside the typical music waiting for the lifts or telephone lines and instead have music known to please the public.


2.- Offers snacks or something to drink

If your intention is to really make a good impression, you should make the customer feel comfortable even when you wait. Make sure that a worker receives them when they enter and offers a snack or a cup of tea or coffee.

Other options that can help in this regard, is to locate a vending machine for healthy snacks near your waiting room, you can have them, cereal bars, some nuts and cold drinks.


3.- Color for decoration

While the choice of colors should be based on the style of your decoration, you should avoid as much as possible using colors that generate stress or anxiety.

Classic white: The use of whites within the waiting room can make a difference in your clients, the clarity it provides boosts objectivity and intellectual work, as well as providing a sense of spaciousness to any room.

Blue: Ideal for waiting rooms, because they have to reduce stress levels and also transmits professionalism. If you do not consider it for use in a complete wall, try a column or dare to include a recessed backlit aquarium, which will greatly reduce the tension inside the room.

Green: Consider which of your tones you will use, it tends to boost creativity and concentration. It can also be applied in the inclusion of ornamental plants that will make this space more natural.

4.- Wi-fi


Undoubtedly, the connection to the Internet through Wi-fi, is one of the most used resources to make waiting, although many people avoid accessing public networks for fear of hackers, you can offer to secure Internet connection that everyone will appreciate. For this, place a small notice in a visible place, with the password or indicating that you must request it from the staff.


5.- Sources of entertainment


Mobile devices: Give this space with mobile devices, which allow your customers to save battery, in addition to using tablets or ipads in the waiting room of your office, they will not have to worry about their privacy. Be sure to institutionalize these devices and you can even add a bit of advertising.