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UPDATE: Contest officially closed at 11.59pm on Dec 16, 2010 (Pac time). Thanks to everyone who entered.

FOUR WAYS to WIN a Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One (AIO) M90z with Touchscreen (it is a sweet machine!)

Contest begins at Midnight Sunday, December 12 through Thursday at 11:59pm December 16, 2010 (Pacific Time). So you may enter as Saturday turns into Sunday… Entries received BEFORE or AFTER that time are not qualified to win…. Contest RULES here.  What are the Four ways?  1. Facebook Like, 2. Tweet, 3. Comment, or 4. Submit Photo.  Learn more about extra value you can receive from this contest.  As always, special thanks to our site sponsor:  Infusionsoft and their free email marketing report — making email easier and more profitable for small business.

1. LIKE our Facebook Page for Walking Main Street – a page supporting local and small business success in the age of Facebook and Google.\

2. TWEET this message below exactly (cut and paste, minus quotation marks):

“Just entered to WIN a free All-in-One PC ($1,300 value) via @TJMcCue #M90z | http://bit.ly/contestM90z

3. COMMENT here on this post to nominate your own small business.  Tell us why you think a new PC would help your small business or your favorite business.
NOTE on #3:   This is not only for small business owners – if you have a favorite local or small business you love, you can submit their name and gain an entry in the contest for yourself and spread the love to that biz owner. By nominating them, you are not entering them in the contest, however.  Just share the company name and a valid link to their co website in the comment. (See rules about disqualified entries).

4. SUBMIT a photo of a local business you love or a great Main Street USA photo. Submit the LINK here (GOOGLE FORM) with your email address (so we can tell you if you’ve won). Your submission gets you in the contest as long as it is relevant to small business or local main street merchant area. If using Flickr or another photo sharing site, please tag it with: Walking Main Street and M90z so we can find it easily later for a gallery. Tags not required to enter, however. HINT: We are looking for quality photos, not snapshots.

This is a SAFE contest entry process – you will not receive SPAM or sales messages. We respect your privacy. We will write to you if we have a question OR you’ve submitted a business or photo we should consider for the Walking Main Street book or blog, but those are based on a conversation. The WINNER’s name and business website may be published here and possibly at the Lenovo site or affiliated sites to this contest (see list of links below).  Finally, each week you have more chances to win a great machine.  But you can win only once over the entire contest series with these different sites. One machine per person.
Please note: due to shipping constraints, this contest is open to people in North America only. Other contests we’ve offered are open worldwide, but unfortunately that is not the case with this one. Sorry.
If you’d like to win a powerful Lenovo M90z All-in-One desktop computer, check out the following sites during December. Details for each contest vary, so check each site during the dates posted.  If the Date is crossed out, then the contest is over, but I left the link live for those who want it.
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