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Skype Mobile for Small Business on Verizon Droid X from Motorola

I’m working on a review of the Skype Mobile platform for SmallBizTrends.com with an evaluation phone that Skype sent me a couple of weeks ago. As a gadget guy (of sorts), right out of the package I was playing around with the Droid X, even though I had to finish a project by Friday 5pm. Toys…
I’ll show you the unboxing at my bigger post, but since the device doesn’t come with a case, I made my own.  As I look at the photo, it probably is quite unfair to this supremely elegant device to be wrapped this way, but I want to protect it. It isn’t mine and it certainly isn’t a “rental car” (although I’ve never treated a rental car badly).   ;-)
Skype Mobile is an intriguing concept for the mobile warriors out there who are looking to save on their cell phone costs.  It works only on the Verizon network (for now would be my guess) and does not consume your cell minutes. I thought at first that it somehow leverages whatever wifi connection I’m near or on, but it works through the Verizon structure directly.  Will be sorting this out shortly and explaining that to you.
One thought I want to share about this phone, this machine: Truly a WOW! I’ve played with iPhones and I like them, but this device is fast and powerful and amazing. It does nearly everything I’ve ever wanted in a device. 8 megapixel camera. HD video. MP3 player. GPS. I think I read a piece by Robert Scoble recently that mentioned GPS standalone devices are an endangered species. Having used iPhone and Android navigation, I would have to agree.
Plus, if you think about the 21 Takeaways I just did on Local Business meets Local Search meets Secret Shopper, you can’t avoid the location-based services explosion going on right now. This Motorola DroidX and others like it will play a powerful role in the coming mobile marketing opportunity for small business owners. From QR codes to SMS/text marketing to LBS services like FourSquare, GoWalla, and coupon type services, it is going to be a FUN, fun ride.
Check out this QR Code I just created to showcase the barcode reader (from open source players ZXing. Almost too cool for words. In fact it is, that’s why you should check out barcode/QR codes for your biz.
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